Domestic extension and refurbishment to a holiday home in the scenic location of Summercove, Kinsale. The original house was constructed in the early 1980’s and a full refurbishment including electrical and mechanical services was undertaken.

The existing house did not capitalise on the coastal views, the design incorporated a small 4m extension to form a large glazed wall overlooking Kinsale Harbour and James Fort. An angular zinc canopy was formed externally at the new glazed wall which projected from the rear over the limestone patio.

The form was shaped to account for the sun path and offers shade and protection from rain but the form minimises a reduction in natural light internally. Two large frameless glazed roof-lights were installed above the kitchen and living area to increase natural light here. Galvanised steel kerbing was used at junctions between external finishes with untreated cedar timber applied to gates and fences.

Location: 32 Haven Hill, Summercove, Kinsale, Co. Cork.

Client: Robert & Maura White

Role: Project Architects, PSDP & Lead Consultant.

Contractor: Verdoc Construction Ltd.

Completed: 2016.