Project Description:

A joint submission to the Arts Council for funding to design / construct an architectural intervention as part of the Decade of Commemoration 2012 to 2022. This historical period included the foundation of the Irish volunteers, the beginning/end of WWI, the Battle of the Somme, the Easter Rising, the first Dáil, the beginning/end of the Anglo Irish War, the signing of the Anglo Irish Treaty, and the foundation of the Irish Free State. Kane Architects and Colin Ryan Architecture share an interest in how the physical landscape and the landscape of memory is shaped. We conducted a survey of monuments to this period around Cork County. These monuments are generally neglected and forgotten by the public (apart from annual political commemorations) therefore it was proposed to acknowledge one such monument to the Crossbarry Ambush at Crossbarry, Co. Cork with the construction of a pavilion to mark and reinvigorate the site. This site was chosen because it has been reduced from a once prominent location, given its former proximity to the main road (now by-passed) and now reduced to waste ground. Its demise can be read as a symbol of the neglect of historical memory, dissolving ideologies and the passing of time. It was proposed that the intervention should be so constructed to be impermanent and removed within the decade.

Location: War Memorial, Crossbarry, Co. Cork.
Funders: The Arts Council of Ireland
Role: Architect in conjunction with Colin Ryan Architecture
Submission: 2012